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The Baleen Filter helps deliver water to a major gas project and eliminates environmental damage to the pristine Barrow Island off the coast of Western Australia. Read the story to learn more, reflecting the role the Baleen Filter can play to assist desalination plants and manage brine and process waste.

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The unique patented Baleen Filter provides a sophisticated yet easy to implement solution to effectively separate suspended matter from industrial, mining and municipal wastewaters.

The Baleen Filter uses a double-act of high pressure, low volume sprays - one which dislodges material caught by the filter media or screen, whilst the other sweeps the material away for collection - thereby removing even the most troublesome of constituents such as grit, suspended and fibrous matter, grease and oil from water, without blocking the filter, to enable smooth continuous operation.

The Baleen Filter serves as a primary (load reduction) and secondary (solids dewatering, polishing) treatment system, overcoming the inadequacies and high costs involved in conventional systems.  

The modular, scalable Baleen Filter is proven in a very wide range of industries, and has solved many industrial and municipal wastewater treatment problems and requirements, including mining, food and beverage production, livestock processing and municipal waste treatment.  To learn more please play the video below, it explains how the Baleen Filter works and the benefits it provides.

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What does a Baleen filter separate?
Filtration Image

This diagram of the "filtration spectrum" demonstrates what size particles the Baleen Filter separates from water. It indicates the position of the Baleen filter in the water filtration spectrum.

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