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Baleen Filters helps deliver a major water creation project


Baleen Filters has partnered with Osmoflo to deliver water creation solution for Australia's largest natural gas infrastructure project (called Gorgon) on Barrow Island in Western Australia.  Four reverse osmosis seawater desalination plants will be built for the project, and these plants will be supported by Baleen Filters unique technology for dewatering of backwash streams without the use of chemicals and with much less energy requirements than conventional systems.  


The Baleen Filter recovers visible matter from the process stream and a natural wet mass, with minimal water retention. The use of Baleen Filters also helps preserve the unique biodiversity values of Barrow Island.


Solving a shark problem in Port Lincoln


A shark attack in Port Lincoln along with numerous sightings over recent months have rocked the local community, creating fear for public safety and drawing attention to the possible effects of commercial fishing in the area...



Seeking Distribution and Representatives

7 September 2002

We are interested in talking with potential licensed distributors and representatives for the Baleen filter in all countries and areas of expertise...


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South Australian design set to revolutionize water reuse and recycling

The Baleen Filter is a ground-breaking water screening device of universal acclaim, offering vast benefits in virtually any application where a waste water stream exists...

The Future in Separation

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