About Baleen - Capability Statement

The Baleen filter technology can be applied throughout the entire water sector. Baleen can be applied to both industrial and municipal applications to significantly improve performance of treatment processes.

Baleen’s advantage over conventional separators and filters lies in its ability to continuously remove troublesome contaminants and high grit loads from potent wastewaters. These applications would normally cause similar technologies to fail.

Baleen solves a long-standing industrial and environmental problem – the ability to separate fine and troublesome contaminants such as industrial grit, biodegradable matter, fibrous material, grease and oil from water-based streams.

Baleen is capable of relatively high flow rates, and continuous filtration of waste streams where the concentration of suspended contaminants is as high as 10,000 ppm (e.g. food processing effluents).

For rich organic waste streams with these levels of contaminants the filter can handle up to 10 litres per second at 50 micron per square metre of filter area, and may remove in excess of 95% of suspended solids (ex screening at 5 mm).

For waste streams with contaminant concentrations less than 500 ppm (e.g. treated sewage and stormwater flows), the flow handling capacity of the filter is considerably greater.

In these applications the filter can handle up to 50 litres per second at 50 micron for each square metre of filter area, and may remove as much as 75% of suspended solids (ex screening at 5 mm).

A key competitive advantage lies in Baleen’s relatively low capital cost and significantly low operating costs, while maintaining a simple, reliable and effective means to water treatment.

Coupled with other tangible benefits such as:

  • displacement of settling volumes (tanks, dams etc) enables direct savings in land use
  • recycle and re-use of scarce water resources
  • recovery of waste materials or value-added by-products for easy disposal or sale
  • reduced damage to the environment and compliance with environmental regulations
  • improved performance of conventional WWTPs

"Handles large variations in size and concentration of solids"

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