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Stockyard Industries takes the pig out of mud

1 June 2002

We are pleased to recognise Stockyard Industries, head office in Clifton, Qld as the distributor of the Baleen filter to the pig industry. Stockyard Industries will solve an environmental problem that has existed in the pig industry since its conception.

A pig produces 4 1/2 times more waste than a human being. Not only is the volume of pig waste an issue to the farmer, but pig waste is of a ‘liquid based’ consistency and traditionally not easily separated from the water used to flush the sheds.

Effluent treatment within the pig industry has traditionally been reliant upon settling processes requiring expensive excavation activity. Another common issue for farmers is how to dispose of the waste.

The water cannot be re-used in the piggery, a farm can only cope with a certain nutrient level added to the land and the cost to transport effluent off the site and/or have it treated is prohibitive.

New legislation and regulations set by the EPA has created a need for improved wastewater management practices. Local community concerns have also added pressure to the farmers to ‘clean their act up’. Traditional settling methods for effluent treatment has reinforced strong odour concerns for surrounding communities.

Stockyard Industries and Baleen Filters has proved that the Baleen filter can remove more than 50% of total solids and more than 90% of settleable solids. The separation process takes place ‘in-line’, after the sheds have been flushed. Thus reducing the requirement for large storage capacity. Early separation of solids reduces BOD and helps to manage odour.

Solids are collected in a de-watered or spade-able form. Therefore, transporting solids off-site and/or solids disposal becomes a lot more cost effective. The filtered water offers the possibility to be re-used in the piggery or immediately used for irrigation without an excessively high nutrient content.

If you want more information on the new improved wastewater management opportunity for the pig industry you can contact Marcus Jones on (07) 4697 3344 or David Dooley on 0428 716 769.


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