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DMS caters for Aquaculture

14 July 2002

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Diesel Marine Services at Port Lincoln in South Australia, as a distributor of the Baleen filter to the aquaculture industry. DMS will be concentrating their initial marketing efforts with the fishing industry.

There has been new legislation imposed, and regulations are to be set by the EPA on the aquaculture industry in general. This has created a need for improved wastewater management practices. It will impact on offshore and onshore processing.

Tuna processing operations produce a rich, blood waste wash-water stream largely containing blood and tuna debris. Approximately 2,500 liters of this ‘blood water’ is produced per hour, with processing operations lasting up to 6 hours per day, per boat.

The environmental concern is ‘blood water’ discharged overboard in such quantity is not sustainable. Fish processing boats will need to be modified to better suit handling of ‘blood water’ discharges.

DMS is commercialising a “blood filter system” that revolves around the Baleen filter for the onshore and offshore operations. The Baleen filter separates all visible solid debris to less than 100 micron and also enables recovery of ‘congealed’ blood substances.

All tuna debris and major blood constituents are separated from the raw ‘blood water’ and collected as spade-able matter for either easy disposal or recovery as value-added by-product rich in blood protein and fish oil. Final treated ‘blood water’ is then disinfected and adjusted to pH 7.0 prior to discharge overboard or to sewer.

For further information you can contact John Harrell from DMS on (08) 8683 0099.


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