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South Australian design set to revolutionize water reuse and recycling

14 September 2002

The Baleen Filter is a ground-breaking water screening device of universal acclaim, offering vast benefits in virtually any application where a waste water stream exists.

The internationally patented design, manufactured right here in South Australia, has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Gold Medal in the 29th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, Products and New Techniques.

These filters are an ideal tool for governments and planning authorities at all levels, with great potential for use in storm water management and recycling.

With water restrictions and government plans to 'water proof' Adelaide, authorities are seeking ways to initially reduce water consumption and to make best use of our relatively untapped storm water resources. Baleen Filters can assist on both these fronts.

"If South Australia can increase storm water and grey water reuse for irrigation, cost effectively reduce the amount of water required by industry and encourage high standards of waste water polishing prior to discharge, we'll be making inroads into becoming an environmental leader as a state" according to Mark Sharoglazov, Baleen Filters Media Manager.

On top of the obvious environmental benefits, Baleen Filters are also proving a wise investment for businesses. Several existing users have experienced a total payback on their investment within 12 months, with savings beyond that directly benefiting the all-important bottom line.

"At present, businesses requiring water are being hit on two fronts - firstly there's the rising cost of water, then there are increased costs associated with disposing of waste water streams" said Mr. Sharoglazov.

The Baleen Filter can handle a range of contaminants that were previously regarded as un-filterable, breaking down the traditional barriers to water filtration.

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