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Baleen Filters offers a range of quality and custom made products to meet customer requirements.  This includes supporting hardware such as screening bins, chemically assisted filtration modules, pump/control systems and ancillary options.

The Baleen Filter is currently only manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel (standard), 316 grade stainless steel or Duplex (option) materials.

There are three product ranges available across three sizes of filter, descriptions below.




We offer three sizes of filter unit, the "20 Series" (largest), '10 Series" (mid-sized) and the smaller "5 Series".

Each of these filter-sizes are available in the product formats below.

The 20 Series filter more commonly allows for ready modularisation by stacking, to limit necessary floor space to one filter only.  This modular unit is available in two or more units per stack and is suited to large scale operations. 


This provides a connect-and-use system.  This range is available in three flow capacities and is capable of being applied to small and medium scale operations.  It is fully guarded and includes flange connections. 



These filters are a less engineered alternative to the Stand-Alone product and come as a user-to-install system, supplied to clients who are willing to provide the structural support, plumbing and ancillary guarding (for smaller unit) requirements upon installation.

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This product range comprises only the the fundamental design attributes of the technology, and thus requires the representative or end user to provide all ancillary requirements including inlet provisions to Baleen Filters specification for both installation and operation purposes.

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The above filter products (as standard) are supplied with essential onboard electro-mechanical controls only. For extended functionality and ease-of-use features the end-user has the option of a pump/control unit for integration into filter-design to simplify utility-supply considerations, and allow for extended remote monitoring features and future expandability.


Installation requirements comprise some or most of the following:

  • Level foundation or platform
  • On-demand utility connections, dry-filtered compressed air, sterile-filtered water, and power.
  • Solids handling means (for collected screenings)
  • Upstream balance tank provision
  • Monitoring instrumentation or containment provisions.
  • Preventative maintenance (by semi-skilled operator), monthly to ensuire optimal performance and reliability


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The customised solution that best fits your needs will be determined by your industry and relevant requirements, the application and treatment objectives, in terms of operating and performance expectations.

The more information you can supply the better placed we are to provide advice.  Please complete this form and submit it to us.








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