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Mineral Processing

The Baleen Filter has proven its ability in mineral processing applications. Fine aperture screening is often a major challenge for the process engineer, particularly in cut size ranges below 400 microns.

Traditional fine screening in classification in mineral processing plants normally involves conventional screening equipment such as vibrating screens, linear motion belt screens or static sieve-bend type screens, utlising a variety of screen media.

These systems often run into difficulty by their inability to handle very fine cut points (below 400 microns) or large flow rates due to either perpetual aperture bleeding or relatively low open area of the screen-cloth. As vacuum or pressure filtration is often not viable to solve this problem, the Baleen Filter can fill the role of the economical 'missing link' in fine screening processes. The video below shows the Baleen Filter at work in mineral processing, recovering coal fines from tailings at 100 microns, click below to play.


Baleen Filters are in use in various mineral processing applications. For example, one site is using the Baleen Filter to clean their process water by removing suspended solids above 25 microns. This enables the site to use the process water instead of potable water in several plant applications, such as flocculant make-up or gland service water.

As demonstrated by the video above, a coal washing plant has been able to recover fine saleable coal at +90 microns from the tailings stream, which has a double benefit, improving plant yield and extending the life of the tailings dam. This result is consistent with our motto - Resource Recovery Recyle and Re-Use.

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