Applications - Municipal Wastewaters

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Municipal Water Treatment

The Baleen Filter is well suited to assist municipal authorities process and reuse wastewaters in a more environmentally friendly manner for both localised use (gardens, ovals etc) and irrigation for horticulture development. We cover key applications below, all of which can be served by the Baleen Filter.

Sewer Mining

Sewer Mining involves tapping into a sewer to extract sewage, which is then treated for re-use.  If appropriately treated, this water can be used in industrial applications and to irrigate open land, from a fit for purpose standpoint.  

Sewer mining has become increasingly popular due to ageing water treatment infrastructure in industrialised countries and the fact large scale replacement projects are considered costly, risky and possibly ineffective.  


Effluent Re-use in Lieu of Outfall

Government bodies are increasingly seeking efficient filtration technology to separate contaminants from sewege so that treated effluent can be made suitable for irrigation, and not pumped out to sea.  Water treatment plants operating marine outfalls seek to reduce pollutant loadings to limit environmental damage.


Stormwater Harvesting

Involves treating rainwater runoff which carries pollutants such as litter, oils and metals from buildings and roadways,  and these contaminants affect water quality in receiving waters and sewers.  New regulations demand investment in proven water treatment technologies like the Baleen Filter to improve water quality and environmental outcomes.


Sewage Treatment

Sustainable operation of Membrane Bio-Reactor technology in sewage treatment requires removal of rag and fibre content from inlet works, another job that can be handled by the Baleen Filter.



Alleviation of backwash from desalination plants is an area that the Baleen Filter excels, and provides a superior outcome compared with conventional technologies such as disc filters and centrifuges used in pre-treatment stage (after marine intake) .  


If you are a municipal authority/council and would like advice on a water treatment or wastewater recovery issue please contact us and fill out ALL details (as possible) to receive a prompt reply from our expert consultants.

Other Applications

Mineral Processing


Food Processing
Food Processing

Wine Industry

Meat & Livestock
Pig Industry

Fruit & Vegetable Packing
Dried Fruit



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